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ATTITUDES AND EMOTIONS-- click on image for full version

Attitudes and Emotions

"In my portraits of emotions I capture personal inner experiences as well as moments that I observe, the features are born as a result of the characters' micro expressions."

"Tell it all" series

A gallery of smaller works about of a group of women coming together over cocktails to share their stories.

Nore here, nore there

A series born of the grief caused my best friend's untimely passing. Filled with confusing emotions of her almost tangible presence that mixed with the innate emptiness that she left behind I let these paintings outpour of me.


The Cinderella Series

I followed the Brother's Grimm version I grew up with, and from the prespective of my childhood. I was always keen on seeing proper illustrations with fine details.

It was created for the Art Institue of Chicago's Betty Rhymer Gallery invitational juried exhibition "If the shoe fits". The exhibtion was an expolartion of folk tale type AT 510A, that in the Western culture is commonly known as the story of Cinderella. In fact, the tale has several hundreds of versions in many cultures accross the globe going back centuries.

Series intended to be kept together, the series of 8 paintings is $24000.

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TELL IT ALL-- click on image for full version

Gal_Tell it all

CINDERELLA-- click on image for full version

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