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The actor revealed

During the global pandemic, as a theater company member, I witnessed first-hand the cultural, intellectual and emotional losses due to the closing of performing arts. Experimental small theaters companies are the lifeblood of the city, they are more nimble and relevant as they can take more risks. Trap Door Theater is a space committed to challenging and obscure work through diverse voices using established and imaginative techniques reflecting the absurdities of today’s society. The director of the play, “Monsieur d’Eon is a Woman,” practiced conscious casting, void of race or assigned genders. This infectious ensemble touched me at the core and inspired a current series of the subject “the actor revealed”.

Witch Hunt

Witch-hunt is my epic painting about humanity’s inability to learn from mistakes to thrive for peace and balance. I use recognizable historical and pop cultural references as markers of past, present and future.

In development

As so many of us, I too had an outpour of anguish in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. The historic injustice, the lack of significant progress gave me a sense of displacement, floating in space without a support to stand on, completely out of balance at the verge of falling. 

I let the feelings outpur of me to the canvas as a coping mechanism and I put them aside. I have been revisiting the subject matter and currently I am in discovery of finding an honorable and harowing expression to reflect the power of the movement and the hopelessness of its subjects. To that end I am building thin walls of slihouttes out of paint that I fill with palettes knives, once dry I shave the surface and repeat the process. This building and removing of paint layers are also symbolic of progress and being held back

THE ACTOR REVEALED/ in the spot light


Finished my epic painiting dealing with humanity's inabilty to learn from the past